Drippers & Clickers

Here is a short video of the little remote control electronic clickers Dave Southall made for the Full Circle show. These neat little devices, still in the prototype phase, note the LX tape, create a ticking (Clock/Dripping) sound that accompanies the performance. They have been much commented on and are surprisingly effective even in the great outdoors. More Dave stuff Here.

Full Circle

Just back from Bath where we were doing development work on this new show then presenting it at Bedlam Fair in various versions. Lots of interesting feedback from friends and fellow professionals and helpful input from Neil Fowler who joined the team. Looking forward to presenting this performanceas a work in progress at Greenwich & Docklands on the 24th & 25th of June.

Stoke Capital of Culture 2021

We helped launch Stokes-On Trent’s bid to be UK capital of culture last month with our site responsive show Hydromania, slightly re-titled, ‘There’s Something In The Water Duck’, for the purposes of this event. Our guests The World Beaters joined us again and the whole thing went off very well. It’s unusual for us to make two Hydromania shows in the same month and it started to feel like a tour. A real hi-light was Seaming singing from the top, the very top, of the Hanley town Halls flag tower. The next one is in Bournemouth in October.

Tall Ships Hydromania

We were in Woolwich last week making a version of our show Hydromania. For Woolwich it featured Seaming To , Traceworks Dance Theatre, choreographed by Ruth Jones and Clare Fildes with special guests The World Beaters . The usual Avanti team (Pete Finnegan Adam Davies Marc Parry and Adam Povey) worked above and beyond to create something really spectacular. We move to Hanley Town Hall to do it all again on the 29th April.

Bucket Brigade

Back from a facinating three days at the New Victoria Theatre Newcaste-Under-Lyme where we were developing ‘Full Circle’. The New Vic theatre produces work in the round and has a long history of doing so opening in 1986 as the first purpose theatre in the round in Europe. We were there for three days and were warmly welcomed by the staff and had productive meetings and views on the joys and pitfalls of working in the magic circle with Theresa Heskins, Steve O’Brian and Liz Evans. We also had great support from Gemma, Gary and Paul from Appetite and thanks also to the stewards for turning out on a windy Saturday morning for the try out in Hanley.