Avanti has been creating performances for almost 30 years. Originally started in 1987 as Avanti Display, a creative partnership between Bill Palmer and Mike Lister, it has developed into a company, producing and presenting a highly individual brand of comic surrealism across the UK and beyond. We are one of the UK’s longest established outdoor performance companies.

Although Avanti shows have come to be known for our trademark use of water this is just one element of what we do. Whether turning buildings into public fountains or creating animatronic taxidermy we aim to create pieces that are engaging and accessible, while maintaining an artistic vision, one that connects our work to the history of performance and celebrates the spirit of English absurdisim.

“we are laughing helplessly, most of us, at the sheer bloody cheek of it, the daft logic, the wit, the invention and the humanity. We are soaked. It is a beautiful moment.”

From an essay by Cath Staincliffe from Paul Herrmann’s book ‘Playing with Fire’.

“Avanti Display show us that precise physical based performance and solid artistic content win in the end.”

Total Theatre Magazine

 Avanti Display