‘One of the classic street theatre shows of the last twenty years.’

  • A twenty five minute silent performance
  • 200 litres of water in 3 mins
  • Spectacular and hilarious
  • Seriously funny
  • Once seen never forgotten
  • Unlike anything you have ever seen

Here for a short video of The Spurting Man,

The show dissects the unequal relationship between the famous specialty performer, ‘The Spurting Man’, and his downtrodden assistant. Performed to Ravel’s Bolero with no text this show is meticulous to character and detail. The pompous “Spurting Man” shows his tricks whilst his assistant, dominated and undervalued, is given no credit for the role he plays. The assistant despises his master. The master ignores the assistant. The bizarre and unequal relationship lays the basis for a series of comic interactions.

Each trick the “Spurting Man” performs culminates in a display of squirting water until, finally crowned and, on top of his pedestal, the grand finale takes place and “The Spurting Man” cascades fountains of water from his body.