• A ten minute show that repeats over a 40 min session
  • Four lucky people receive a guaranteed prediction of their future
  • Beautiful and poignant

Imagine a fortune telling machine where the fortuneteller is an automated donkey! Now add an experienced performer, present the combination in a relaxed style. Mystic Monty is a flexible piece that can be sited anywhere, indoors or out. The audience will be treated to truly unbelievable slight of hand tricks and some lucky individuals will leave with an individual prediction card and a new respect for the science of nonsense.

Mystic Monty Says…

‘The stars are in alignment for you and it could be a good time to ask for that pony. Don’t take no for an answer,  just as an encouragement for more persuasive argument. Puppies, Rabbits and Hamsters are all good fall back positions. For sandwiches choose Honey but not Ham’

Here for a short video of Mystic Monty,