James Macpherson (Artizani)
Bryan Tweddle
Brian Popay (Fine artistes)
Seaming To (Homelife)
Trevor Stuart (Cocoloco)
Helen Statman (Cocoloco)
Ruth Jones (Axial Dance)
Les Grooms Theatre Company, Paris
Hilary Westlake
Emil Wolk
Raise the Roof Productions
Neil Hornwick
Paul & Chris Cyzainski
Murray Smoker
Andy Duggan
Chris Squire (Impossible Arts)
Helen Newall
Lou Glandfield
James Dickinson
Pete Finnegan
Alan Fairbairn (The Primitives)
Dave Chadwick (Pa Boom)
Adam Povey
Johnney Goodwin
Marc Parry
Claire Fildes
Dave Southall
Frank Wilson (Event International)
Chihuahua – Design – New Media – Print
Without Walls
The World Beaters
Paschale Straiton
101 Creation Centre Newbury

Semay Wu


Paul Herrmann
Hassan Mahramzadeh
Phil Dowsing
Roger Jackson
Clare Acford
Deep Fusion
Helen Newall

Helen Statman

Becky Woodcock