Avanti Display

Castlefield Follies

Avanti have performed in the Castlefield basin (Manchester) many, many times over the years. This picture shows us outside the White Lion pub on the […]

Artist or Artisan

I remember back in the eighties a debate around what was art and what was craft. Potters, Textilers, Glassblowers all wanting to be defined as artist […]

Hat Trick

Back in 1993/4 when Mike and I were first making The Spurting Man we were working on a sequence where Spurty is crowned. The sequence […]

Crow At 101

Back from 101 Creation Centre in Newbury. We had an inspiring time there and even with Covid restrictions the place still has its own unique […]

Crow Business

The weeks go by and we keep accumulating more material for our Blueprint project. There are now poems, music – compositions and arrangements, visual tricks […]