• 90 mins of pure entertainment
  • Animatronics and electrical trickery
  • Spectacular and hilarious
  • A Revolving Stage
  • Back-projected films
  • Live music
  • A spectacular ending you will never forget
  • Video Here

Perhaps that’s all magic is: the unexplained right up to the point when it gets explained, from then on its called science.

We pick up the story of the Three Grimshaws, a variety act at the top of their game, just after the disastrous show in Grimsby. Whatever happened to Maureen and whichever version you choose to believe, the act was never the same. The truth is that both of the brothers needed Maureen, perhaps more than she needed them – although Jimmy will never admit it. That’s the thing about love triangles: they rarely end well for all concerned. So the boys carry on, hiding their regrets, their secrets and their guilt, after all the show must go on!

6 Impossible Things is at heart a variety show. Two experienced performers of great skill and charm present the show in a relaxed cabaret style – think Morecambe and Wise in front of the curtains.

‘Eric and Ernie meet Men in Black’

(Claire Smith, Cheshire Rural Touring Arts: 2013)