Back To The Futurists


After a week of intensive, what might be loosely called rehearsal, we appear to be ready for the first performances of Waiting To Happen. If you want to catch the latest Avanti art entertainment mix, and are in the Stockton area this week end we will be on the high street 11.30 and 2.00p.m. on Saturday and 12.00 and 3.00 on Sunday.

Manifester Futurismo

  1. Don’t live in the pasta! Back to the future!
  2. Futurismo promises everything – eventually!
  3. Don’t hang the paintings – hang the artists!
  4. We Demand nonconformity for the Masses!
  5. Why use a paintbrush when you have a moustache?
  6. Abuse drugs! It’s no more than they deserve!
  7. The bicycle is more beautiful than spinach!
  8. Speed! Power! Electricity! Violence! Conquest! Bowler hats!
  9. We may be daft but we’re not stupid!
  10. Art comes from within because it doesn’t like it in there.