Pictures of Mr Luckys Party taken in Belgium

Here are some pictures of Mr Luckys Party taken whilst we were on tour in Belgium in May. We were in Kortrijk as part of Sinksen 13

The photographs are by Stefanie Tanghe.

Avanti Display Goes Indoors


After over two decades of performing in the great outdoors Avanti Display are teaming up with Artizani to create an indoor show. The Northern Rural Touring Network has commissioned us to create the piece and the Arts Council through the Grants for the Arts program has funded it. It will begin its tour across the five regions from Mid October 2013. The title ‘6 Impossible things’ is a sly and passing reference to Alice In Wonderland but it is in fact the story of two seasoned entertainers as they reflect on a life spent on the road. In a show that plays fast and loose with fact and fiction, magic and science, things are never quite what they seem, and they have a secret, ‘just what did happened that night in Grimsby’? The show will feature specially commissioned work from several artists and is being made at Edge Hill University where there will be a performance on 20th November.

‘Six Impossible Things’ uses physical comedy, conjuring, music and film animation to tell the story of what it is like to spend your life delivering the impossible. Anyone who has seen Avanti Display or Artizani on the festival circuit will know what to expect, for the rest come along and see six impossible things and one you rather wish you hadn’t!

Work In Progress


We have started the process of creating ‘Six Impossible Things’. Working with Lou Glandfield and Brian Popay on ideas and story, we have also begun discussions with several of the artists who may contribute to the commissioned content including Bryan Tweddle (IOU) and Chris Squire (Impossible Theatre).