Somewhere in France – Let’s Make the Water Turn Black

The final gig of the summer and it could not be in a more lovely place we are in the Loire valley for five days, its unseasonably warm and the crowds are out. The festival is well organised both in terms of production and artist support, let’s not even mention the catering least it sounds like we were on holiday. There is also a lot to see including Cie Bivouac show – À corps perdus which is a spectacular piece of acrobatic story telling with a brilliant musical score, some triggered stems and some live cello, played on an amazing two tier mechanical rig with a full sized trampoline built high above the revolving stage! My personal highlight was probably Farfare Jo Bitume playing an impromptu version of Frank Zappa’s ‘Let’s Make the Water Turn Black’ in the dressing room. Here’s a link if you don’t know it.