The Stuff We Work With

A Sporran, a diving regulator, Gaffa (of course), a scalpel, wire cutters, a seive and a small pan and tilt mechanism. These are the things on my bench today. Its no different to many studio benches. Bits and pieces from the world that are in the process of being repurposed for inclusion in some prop, costume or performance. I once met an industrial designer who described a lecture he gave to his students on what he called, ‘product abuse’. He defined this as when an object, designed for one purpose, is put into the hands of the ever creative public where it will often be ‘abused’, that is used for something other than the designers original intension. Examples of this might be a plate used as a percussion instrument in carnival or a screwdriver used to open a tin of paint. Many Avanti shows contain a bit of repurposing or product abuse. The example he, the designer, liked was our use of a Hoselock water snap connector being used for comedic effect as it was inserted up The Spurting Mans arse. It turned out he had been on the design team that developed the mechanism.\





Monty finds his Voice

Monty Gets A Voice

Monty the fortune telling donkey is in the workshop getting some work done in preparation for the summer. I have added an installation speaker designed for use in a suspended ceiling and which will carry his voice. Watch out for his words of wisdom at Mouth of the Tyne this year 9/10 July. As Monty says ‘today is a lucky day, unfortunately not for you!’