Mystic Monty


It should surprise no one that the ancient art of astrology with all its wonderful myths and
folklore has previously held little to interest the giant brains of Britain’s scientists who
are the best in the world for a fact. But now four of our leading mad inventors have come
up with a genuine fortune telling machine!

The boffins from the advanced doodling department at Avanti Display H.Q. have devised
a wonderful apparatus, which may truly be said to revolutionise the science of
superstition. ‘We have successfully interfaced the DNA of a subject with the previously
ignored digestive powers of a mechanical Equus africanus asinus’, they say. Yes that is
the secret of the machines almost uncanny powers. But what of its practical applications,
you ask. Well the sky’s the limit, sonny, but get this: imagine a proper scientific gizmo,
certified by top Profs that can actually predict the future. Impossible you cry. Igor,
remove the screen! You shall see for yourselves, dolts!

In this new piece Avanti shoot at the soft target of astrology. With beautiful automata
construction from Brian Tweddle, the surreal and oddball literary skill of Neil Hornick
and the comic insight and experience of Brian Popay this is a show to please the most
discerning arty type. Mystic Monty is a flexible piece that can be sited anywhere, indoors
or out. The audience will be treated to some truly unbelievable slight of hand tricks and
some lucky individuals will leave with an individual prediction card and a new respect
for the science of nonsense.

Mystic Monty can be consulted this year in Whitehaven on 30 May and Paradise Gardens
on 19th June.

Stradivarius – or The Fiddle
Your power-packed ruler, Mars, promises you will excel at things you try for the first
time, like singing O sole mio while crawling into a swamp. People are more receptive to
your plans once they know they will be paid for agreeing with you. What starts as shared
laughter can grow into something deeper and more lasting, like complete mental