Stockton International Riverside Festival

Over the weekend of the 6/7 August we played the Avanti XL at Stockton International Riverside Festival. This festival, one of the longest running outdoor arts festivals in the UK, has always been part of Avanti’s season. Over the years all of our shows have played there  A feature of the festival this year, and this is not unconnected with the fact we were presenting a retrospective of our work, was the number of young people we talked to, for whom the event has been part of their whole life. A young woman and her mum stopped by our backstage area to say she first saw The Spurting Man when she was four, twenty years ago! Whilst this can make one reflective on ones own story it also points out that she had probably seen most of the main Euopean outdoor performances of the last twenty years and could rightly be described as an expert. Where else in the UK is the audience so well informed?  Make no mistake Stockton is not without its problems and the festival is only one weekend, but look at the new magnificent sculpture The Stockton Flyer and the beautiful public fountain we were lucky enough to perform in this year. They both create focus and interest all year. Well done Stockton long may you continue.

Austria or Maybe Italy

We just got back from a five-day trip to the Olala festival in Lienz Austria. This very particular event, legendary for its wild, final night parties was celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. This is the third or perhaps fourth time we have played there but the scenery still takes your breath away. Nestled in a valley between high Dolomitic peaks the first night features a bus ride to dinner on top of a mountain! After twenty one years of playing the Spurting Man I thought that everything that could happen probably had happened but in a new twist when we picked up our schedule its says.

Fr. 29.7

15:15 Uhr


21:15 Uhr


This looks normal until you find out Innichen is in Italy!